Our Product Portfolio

We specialize in manufacturing and supplying a broad range of Automobile Accessories for the Two Wheeler Segment. Flawlessly designed in sync with high end technical specifications, our range encompass.

  • engine-guard
    Engine Guard (Metal & Fiber)
    Safeguards the Engine, Apt dimensions & Fitment.
    1. Metal 2. PVC
  • support-handle
    Side Support Handle PVC Coated
    Very useful support for the pillion rider as well as for carrying small luggage’s. The Glossy finish & Color adds aesthetic look to your Two Wheeler.
    Models 1. Only Hook 2. Only Handle 3. Handle with Hook
  • mud-flop
    Mud Flop
    Available for all bike models
  • seat-tank-covers
    Tank Covers
    Protects the tank from scratches, comes handy for carrying small stuff. Available for all bikes models.
    Models 1. Regular Tank covers 2. Sports Tank Covers 3. Slim Tank Covers 4. Trendy Tank Covers
  • brake-pedal-rubber
    Brake Pedal Rubber
    Provides good gripping and protect the brake-lever in the long run. Available for all the bikes
    1. Regular Model - Brake Pedal Rubber
    2. Brake Pedal Rubber with bolts
    3. Slim Model - Brake Pedal Rubber for CBZ
  • polishing-cloth
    Polishing Cloth (Big & Small)
    Soft & extra smooth cleaning material, useful for all two wheelers.
    Models 1. Big Size 2. Small Size
  • buzzers
    Buzzers (Electronic & Single)
    A very helpful signaling device, available for all the two wheeler models.
    Models 1. Single 2. E-Buzzer 3. Buzzer cum flasher.
  • seat-tank-covers
    Handle Grip
    Adds extra gripping and anti sweat formulated material. Available for all two wheelers.
    Models 1. Foam Grips 2. Soft Grips 3. Multi-colored Grips 4. Rubber Grips 5. Logo Grips
  • foot-mat
    Foot Mat
    Available for all the scooters (Honda, TVS, Hero, Suzuki models) Custom Made design for every model.
  • foot-rest
    Foot Rest
    Available for all the scooters. Custom Made design for every model.
  • number-plates
    Number plates
    Powder coated white colored number plates, available for all Two Wheelers
    Models 1. Front Number Plates 2. Rear Number Plates
  • hand-gloves
    Hand Gloves
    Available for Male & Female riders
  • fort-lock
    Fort Lock
    Safety in parking, available for all bike models.
  • side-stand
    Side Stand
    Extra strong powder coated side stands. Suitable Models for all two Wheelers Colour - Black
  • Lever Sleeve
    Lever Sleeve
    Give firm Grip to the rider. Custom made sizes for all two wheelers
    Colour – Black with types of designs.
  • peb
    Pre-engineered Body
    Tube Model
  • peb
    Pre-engineered Body
    Sheet Model
  • body-gaurd
    Safety Guards
    Three piece safety guards for all scooters (Front Bumper, Side Crash Guards & All Round Guard).
    Models 1.Chrome Plated 2.Powder Coated
  • seat-tank-covers
    Seat Covers
    Adds comfort and safety to the Seat, Custom Made models for all two wheelers.
    1. Regular 2. Economical 3. Sponge 4. Velvet 5. Sports 6. Trendy
  • helements
    Protects you on every ride, available for Female & Male riders
    Models 1.General 2.Female 3.Sports 4.Full face 5.Half face.
  • helmet-locks
    Helmet Locks
    For locking your helmets or briefcase, available for all two wheelers (Hero, Honda, Suzuki, Bajaj, Yamaha, Mahindra, TVS models)
    Models 1.Oval Fitting Single Lock 2.Oval Fitting Double Lock 3.Round Fitting Double Lock 4.Round Fitting Single Lock
  • leg-guards
    Leg Guard Mat
    Available for all the models Material: Rubber
  • leg-gurds
    Leg Guards
    Available for all models
    Models: Powder Coated, Chrome Coated
  • side-bag
    Side Bag
    Helps you carry your belongings safely. Available for all Bike Models.
    Spec – Bike specific sizes with waterproof.
  • saree-guards
    Saree Guards
    Safety for the female pillion riders. Custom made sizes for all bike models
    Models: 1.Chrome Plates 2.Powder coated
  • automobile-polish
    Automobile Polish
    Spic & Span the vehicle with enhancers, brightening the bike colour. Very user friendly, every vehicle loves it. Model - Liquid
  • bike-security
    Bike Security System
    Suitable model for all bikes with alarm & indication alerts.
  • goggle
    Trendy models available for both Men & Women
    Colours: 1.Black 2.Blue 3.Silver 4.Sports
  • tank-pad
    Tank Pad
    Modern & Sporty models for all bikes
    Colours: Black, Single Colour, Multi Colours
  • seat-net
    Seat Net
    Trendy & modern designs for all bikes.
    Colours: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow
  • leg-guards
    Knee pad
    Absolute comfort for long drives with extra safety, available for all bikers.
  • petrol-lock
    Petrol Lock
    Available for all bike Models

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